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Blind Tiger Communications

Wireless Cyber Security against Phones and Drones.Interception and Identification Not Jamming Security against Phones, Drones: For government, public, private companies who need a ‘1-Click’ web based wireless command, control and communications solution i


Smart Wireless Charging, keeping you and your customers connected. Power, Insight and Engagement for business..Reliable, fast, high quality wireless chargers.Take care of mass-deployed wireless power for maximum uptime.Detect and resolve issues over-the-a

Reach Labs

.Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices.Long-range wireless power enabling the next generation of devices.What if you could power.wirelessly?.What if you could power.wirelessly?.Closed-space, high-power system designed to power


Conference Room Magic.Twine for Slack is powerful video conferencing, wireless screen sharing, and meeting management. Add Twine hardware for complete control of your conference room. No software, no cables, no headaches. Complete control right from Slack

Per Vices

The world’s best SDR platform. Period..Adaptable COTS & custom system solutions available.Robust and flexible SDR platforms to meet your most demanding system requirements.Cyan is a versatile, wide-band software defined radio providing the highest instant


Platform to simplify Edge Computing deployments.Deploy Edge Clouds to run applications locally and in real time instead of depending on the faraway Cloud.....Deploy secure, private and low latency intelligent networks to run applications a wireless hop aw


Ecosummit Berlin takes place on 6-7 May 2020 at Radialsystem. Get your tickets and join us. Read more.Ecosummit Ventures (pitch deck) will be a new smart green VC in Berlin that invests in promising European software and hardware startups with B2C and B2B


Master the most in-demand networking skills that every enterprise company needs. Learn routing, switching, voice over IP, wireless and security! No previous experience or certifications are required. We take you from zero to Full Stack Network Engineer in


Measure utilization rates across your facility - from conference rooms, to private offices, to co-working areas. Our sensors are accurate to the desk-level.Measure the relative flow of traffic through every area of your building, every day of the week.Rig


To assure WiFi reliability and performance, wireless engineers must gather connectivity and performance data with 802.11 sensors deployed closest to the users..Deploy hardware and software agents at remote offices that continuously verify connectivity, In

MP Mimic Productions

© MP Mimic Productions GmbH 2019.Mimic Productions is a Berlin based animation studio specializing in Digital Faces, Digital Doubles, Motion Capture, Scanning and other 3D services to a large number of industries..info@mimicproductions.com.+49(0)30 466 05

Cosmos Labs

To our friends, family, & loyal customers -- I’m really excited to announce that Lunar Wireless is now Sweet. Sweet is the next evolution of Lunar. It makes getting a better deal on your phone service completely worry-free. Just get the app, answer a few

Ambience Data

This is the world's fire data in the past 24 hours captured by NASA's satellite. Burning down the world's forest for urbanization causes huge amounts of toxic air pollution that causes severe asthma and death. Air pollution kills over 5 million people eve


Onion Corporation builds computing and connectivity devices for the Internet of Things. Onion products are drop-in solutions that help customers build their connected products and reduce their development time..Quickly prototype with the Omega2 ecosystem.

Juni Learning

Juni Learning empowers your kids to love computer science!.As seen in.Juni Learning provides online coding classes for kids with a private instructor. Each student meets with their instructor once or twice a week, privately or semi-privately (2 students).

Pretty Instant

or.Trusted by the best.More.We translate vision into action with our proprietary processes and state of the art platform.We tirelessly seek out and interview the top talent in every market. Before our photographers are eligible to work with us, they have


Tell your friends about us!.Enjoy $25 off your Evoz Smart Baby Monitor.Plus, be the first to know about new products, exclusive offers, sleeptools, education and more.Offer valid on purchase of one Evoz Smart Baby Monitor through Amazon. Enter your email

Rally Networks

Deep Linking the Real World.Connecting Customers to Digital Experiences By Creating Beautifully Simple Hardware & Software Integrations.Rally's charging cable Deep Link to any page in a mobile app or website providing customers with the most relevant cont


People and assets can be located programmatically. Estimote's invisible technology makes things happen magically in the right place and at the right time..As featured in:.Movements and interactions trigger digital events..These events can be captured and

Pillar Technologies

We are a construction data company bringing rugged, effortless risk management technology to any size site. Pillar is a nervous system for the modern construction site. Total site coverage, total site control..Pillar covers all the metrics you care about


Land on the charging pad to automatically recharge any drone without human intervention..15-minute integration with any drone platform. 10-seconds Click & Fly integration with DJI drones..Software platform for remote monitoring, control and diagnostic in


Semi-Annual Sale! - 20% OFF STOREWIDE! - Extended until June 30th Use Code: SEMIANNUAL2019 - Coupons cannot be combined.Semi-Annual Sale! - 20% OFF STOREWIDE! - Extended until June 30th Use Code: SEMIANNUAL2019 - Coupons cannot be combined.No products in

Spinal Singularity

Spinal cord injury and disease (SCI/D) is one of the most complex and devastating injuries, as they are often permanent and always life-changing. Along with a myriad of health issues impacting the bowels, bones, skin, muscles, sexual function, and psycho-


Enhanced security in IoT and other mobile networks. Enhanced QoS in 3G, 4G, IoT, or for the tactile Internet – and IPv6 compression in IoT environments..Innovative technologies such as network coding, the tactile Internet, or securing the IoT drive actico


©2019 by Millibatt, Inc. Los Angeles, CA.Best Small Batteries.Small & Custom Lithium Ion Batteries.Sample dimensions are:..7 x 7 x 0.8 mm (available).5 x 5 x 0.8 mm.6 x 8 x 0.8 mm..Our customizable battery solutions help industry leading companies and ind


In Africa, despite its slow start and almost nonexistent infrastructure Tizeti is building Wi-Fi solar base stations to provide affordable Unlimited internet service across Africa..Tizeti is leveraging the plummeting cost of Solar Panels and its low opera

Wivity Inc.

Contact Us.Learn how easy IoT security can be.Secure your IoT device with one line of code.Are you prepared for the new regulations?.The California Information Privacy Connected Devices Act.(SB 327) mandates security by January 1, 2020.Contact us to learn


Simple | Secure | Futureproof.We turn any object into contactless NFC wearable tech with our unique provisioning platform..Choose any combination of capabilities to be enabled on your product..Our PCI CP compliant infrastructure is reinforced by our tier