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With unlimited file hosting, analytics, and monetization, Pippa offers the simplest, all-inclusive platform for podcasts..Powered by IBM Watson, get amazing automated transcripts of your episodes—and use the powerful Snipper tool to generate gorgeous vide


"The thing I like best about Yardbook is how easy it is to get started. I was able to learn the system without any training.".- Jason L.."A very user friendly platform yet complex enough to handle all the details in running a business.".- Buhler Landscape


Aingel is an analytics platform for VCs and startups. Aingel is currently used by VCs to predict game-changing startups using our Inception Score™. We are now in public beta with hot startups like yours, helping them fundraise faster using AI and analytic


Providing a customized electric vehicle (EV) fast charging experience through a PaaS for value added services & shared revenue streams.We are a start-up company based in Munich, Germany. We are backed by TechStars and next47 (the independent investment ar


self-service decision analytics.Data is the new black. Advances in IOT technology and connectivity mean data is ubiquitous. But business value comes from action, not the data itself. And while predictive data analytics is great, it doesn’t tell you what t


New: Needl Audience Explorer - a free tool to optimize audiences for digital marketing campaigns. Needl is a web analytics application that finds important insights into your customers that improve your targeting. Our algorithm driven analytics engine ext


Now you can spin your call recordings into decision-making gold at a fraction of the cost.The speech analytics market is expected to reach $1.6 billion by 2020..Voices in the world of telephony are often captured by call recording solutions, only to be de


Email Marketing Automation.Personalised SMS Marketing.Lead Capture, Banners & More.Web Engagement.Mobile Engagement.The Drag and Drop Automation.Muti Channel Cart Recovery.Analytics KPI Dashboards.1 To 1 Personalised Promo Codes.CRM Integrated Chat.1 Clic


Thank you for signing up, you already have an account with EquityZen..Redirecting you to the account management page in 3 seconds..Thank you for entering your information..You will be redirected to verify your status as an Accredited Investor.We won't sha


Litigation Prevention | Enterprise Intelligence.Authentic AI is much more than just text analytics. NexLP’s Story Engine leverages predictive coding, combined with next-generation Natural Language Processing, cognitive analytics and dataless classificatio

Citus Data

Introducing Hyperscale (Citus) on Azure Database for PostgreSQL. Read the blog..Citus intelligently distributes your data & queries across nodes so your database can scale and your queries are fast. Available as a database as a service, as enterprise soft

Measure, analyze, and report on your advertising campaigns.Always-on campaign monitoring & optimization rules.Ship your ad data anywhere.Pull all of your ad data into Google Sheets.Connect paid marketing data to web analytics and sales data.Connect the ne


Gigwell goes beyond just booking. We provide the world’s leading artists and booking agencies with the tools needed to maximize revenue, time and efficiency. We’ve helped thousands of live entertainers, speakers and booking agents streamline their booking


Get unparalleled insight into system quality and condition with AI that understands automotive.LEARN MORE.Acerta provides the industry’s only AI-powered solution designed specifically for automotive applications. By integrating domain expertise into our m


Software can represent over 20% of IT budgets, and managing it is complicated. Dynamic environments and increasingly complex licensing schemes prohibit visibility into use and entitlement. Legacy point tools require fragile integrations that must be monit


Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found..You can return to our homepage or contact us at if you believe this is an error..We're helping computers understand language to build smarter AI. And we're putting that pow

Cloud Academy

Build talent.Retain talent.Deploy faster.Accelerate R&D.Optimize spend.Maximize ROI.Learn how Cognizant, SAS, GlobalMed, Turner and many more transitioned their L&D to virtual modules and leveraged Cloud Academy to upskill their employees..Skills are buil


Don't compromise. Get the best value (and results) with Zentail; more than just the top multichannel management software, we're your partners in support of strong workflows and a true advantage..Because workflows matter, handle your product data, orders a


The world's top apparel companies use Fit Analytics to connect clothing to customers, boost conversion and slash returns..Leading apparel brands and retailers across six continents trust our platform to solve sizing at scale and deliver meaningful bottom-


Track student progress from our dashboard and sit back. Export Export grades to Excel when they're done..Use R/Python/SQL in your class knowing your students have a strong foundation to learn your curriculum..Complement your theory with our industry skill


Leverage the pioneering data science that underpins Headstart to guarantee that you match the right applicants with the right skills for your business - quickly, easily, and without prejudice..Harness the powerful automation tools and predictive analytics

Best ConfigApp

The easiest way to manage your config files across all your servers and environments.Easy to use web interface. No infrastructure required. Supports public and private apps using multiple deployment models. On-premises plan available.Manage configuration

Biobot Analytics

EVERYBODY PEES, EVERY DAY..We measure the concentration of drugs that are excreted in urine and collected in sewers. We map this data empowering communities to tackle the opioid epidemic in real time..“By having this data, we were able to go out and talk


Time Saving Consolidation.Ditch all of your current tablets and manage all of your online orders on just one easy-to-use interface..Integrate Your Own POS.We send all orders directly to your kitchen printer via your POS regardless of which app they're com

Fit Analytics (Formerly UPcload)

The world's top apparel companies use Fit Analytics to connect clothing to customers, boost conversion and slash returns..Leading apparel brands and retailers across six continents trust our platform to solve sizing at scale and deliver meaningful bottom-


Heartbeat helps you drive sales, build your audience, understand your customers, or launch a new product. Let us show you how to make your next big move with the power of real customers..Helped the luxury retailer obtain brand preference during the fall f


We find your next SMB customer through the power of Data and Predictive Analytics.... and then scale and optimize your prospect profile using machine learning.We apply our technology in key industry verticals where we have proprietary data sources and end

Cofactor Genomics

Predictive Immune Modeling.Are you ready to move beyond isolated, single-analyte biomarkers? We harness the power of Predictive Immune Modeling to build multidimensional biomarkers. So scientists, clinicians, and drug developers can deliver faster, more c


Register today!.Codelessly capture all user behavior.Control and trust your data.Retroactively name and manage any customer interaction without code.Connect anonymous and cross-platform behavior to a single identity.Codelessly capture all user behavior.Co


More than 40,000 users rely on Statsbot products to gain insights from data..Cube.js is an open-source modular framework for building analytical web applications. It is optimized for speed and scalability..Statsbot is a big data business intelligence plat


These unexpired drugs are collected from manufacturers, wholesalers, pharmacies and health facilities. Medicines go to clinics and pharmacies and are dispensed to low-income patients..Our platform allows donor and recipient organizations to easily upload

Cognition IP

Cognition IP is a full-service law firm for those who demand the best intellectual property protection. We are expert IP lawyers with big firm backgrounds who leverage technology to dramatically improve quality and client experience..We are IP lawyers wit


Business Intelligence for Retail Decision Makers.Turn-key analytics & reporting solution built for omnichannel retailers.We merge and clean all your data from separate systems — From ERPs to eComm, wholesale portals to POS..We have hundreds of built-in me


Real-time locations of all road, sea and air shipments.Accurate estimated time of arrival thanks to machine learning and advanced algorithms.The platform can be interconnected with all existing IT solutions (ERP, TMS, WMS etc.).Improve traceability of you


Minodes provides important insights into your consumers and helps you derive measures for a better customer experience. Only the capture of the complete customer journey before and in physical transactions provide a clear competitive advantage..With our s

Valor Water Analytics

.Today, water supplies are more scarce than ever before, requiring water utilities to operate more efficiently than anyone thought possible. That’s where we come in..Like water, the flow of data from water utilities is both measurable and manageable. Valo


Naytev's is built on top of a solid base of social analytics and automation..Unlike legacy platforms, our unified social analytics make it possible to understand the actual ROI of your content..As a practical example, we can show you the overall impact of


An open-source PostgreSQL extension that runs SQL queries continuously on streams, incrementally storing results in tables..Install Now.PipelineDB enables realtime data processing using only SQL. Our continuous query planner and execution engine handle al

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Increasing opportunities for student success through technology and experiential learning.Using data insights to provide life-changing opportunities to high-need students.An Early Adopter’s Journey to Data Confidence.Digitize student involvement workflows


Brands change market share by changing the conversation. With deep-analysis tools and visualizations, our meaningful, actionable insights come in the form of critical key performance-indicators that drive marketing standards and best practices. Conquer yo

Focal Systems

Focal Systems accelerates your checkouts, streamlines your inventory, and doubles your staff's efficiency..According to an IHL study, 24% of Amazon’s revenue comes from customers who experienced an out-of-stock at a local retailer (source)..A Forrester Re


Press Release: NarrativeDx Awarded Second Patent for Real-Time Patient Feedback Analysis.Unhappy patients give lower scores on CAHPS surveys, affecting reimbursements and finances..Unhappy patients negatively impact providers’ reputations online and withi


Copyright © 2017 Pave.Connect your Google Analytics and get a report in less than 30 seconds..No more manually uploading data. Easily connect Adwords, Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads..PaveAI analyzes your data, showing what’s working and how to improve..PaveAI

Ribbon Health

Predictive analytics and data platform for healthcare analytics and data platform for healthcare


Ecosummit Berlin takes place on 6-7 May 2020 at Radialsystem. Get your tickets and join us. Read more.Ecosummit Ventures (pitch deck) will be a new smart green VC in Berlin that invests in promising European software and hardware startups with B2C and B2B


Data-driven deal flow.Our focus is on using data and analytics to source deals, so we partner with active investors who execute and operate investments..Our proprietary data-driven strategies provide unique exposure to real estate, while aligning our ince


Lab Operations Made Easy.iLabService Simplifies Your Lab Operation Using IoT & AI Technologies, Helping You Save Time & Money.About Us.iLabService was founded in New Jersey, headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Hangzhou, Silicon Valley and HongKong.


Hello everyone!.We are excited to announce that the Pursuit team is joining Twitch! We are ecstatic about joining the Twitch family to take what we’ve learned building Pursuit and Revlo to help build exciting, interactive experiences for communities aroun


Platform to simplify Edge Computing deployments.Deploy Edge Clouds to run applications locally and in real time instead of depending on the faraway Cloud.....Deploy secure, private and low latency intelligent networks to run applications a wireless hop aw


Advanced intelligence & automation for content marketers and SEOs..Combining powerful data and analytics platform capabilities with strategic managed services that consider your entire marketing ecosystem..The DemandSphere hybrid marketing solution is bui