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.A Literary Studio..Through partnerships, we are behind Recovering the Classics, helped power the Subway Library in New York City, run the literary CODEX Hackathon, created a curated mobile reading service, produced a virtual reality adaptation of George


"The thing I like best about Yardbook is how easy it is to get started. I was able to learn the system without any training.".- Jason L.."A very user friendly platform yet complex enough to handle all the details in running a business.".- Buhler Landscape

Cognition IP

Cognition IP is a full-service law firm for those who demand the best intellectual property protection. We are expert IP lawyers with big firm backgrounds who leverage technology to dramatically improve quality and client experience..We are IP lawyers wit


Saleswhale's AI sales assistant engages and qualifies marketing-generated leads at scale, through two-way intelligent email conversations, before handing over qualified leads to sales reps..Trusted by marketing and demand generation leaders.You've generat


Different personalization technologies with one configurator solution. Learn More.Ready-to-produce files for different machine types. Learn More.Different plugins for various shop systems. Learn here for more here for more inf


Pass your first (or 100th) security audit with flying colors. Grow your business through compliance, without becoming a security expert..Fortmatic uses Aptible Comply to build their Security Management Program and secured their SOC 2 audit in a fraction o


Developers.Product Managers.Designers.Gigster CEO On Why Digital Transformation Requires A Startup Mentality.Podcast: Accelerating the Delivery of Digital Transformation Applications.Challenges of the Modern Retail CIO & CMO.Blockchain Gains Ground, But H

Seva Coffee

Home.Product.About.Contact.Blog.More....Start with this little raw green coffee bean..This is the magic bean that powers your day but you’ve probably never seen it this way. When green, this bean doesn’t stale or go bad, and stays fresh. And freshness mea


Kickpay is changing how companies making physical products finance inventory and growth..Pay for inventory only after you sell it.Kickpay reviews your sales history.Kickpay pays you or your manufacturer directly for your inventory.For each sale you make,

Bayes Impact

Bayes Impact builds citizen-led public services to create a fairer and inclusive future for our societies..170,000.800.-30%.89%.Bob is an AI employment advisor. Bob is a free online platform that uses AI to help jobseekers assess and improve their employa


Quote, price and deploy pricing changes without writing a line-of-code or changing your platform.Handle changes in plans, timing or usage throughout a subscriptions life.Enable customers to pay when and how they want.Check out how we’re going Multi-Cloud


An integrated, cross-channel platform—built for marketers, trusted by engineers, designed with intelligence..Series C investment will accelerate adoption of growth marketing platform.Announcing the Iterable Intelligence Suite. Using our proprietary algori

Cloud Academy

Build talent.Retain talent.Deploy faster.Accelerate R&D.Optimize spend.Maximize ROI.Learn how Cognizant, SAS, GlobalMed, Turner and many more transitioned their L&D to virtual modules and leveraged Cloud Academy to upskill their employees..Skills are buil


LOGIN.Home.Products.Solutions.Resources.Customers.Company.Blog.More.Consolidate all of your parking system data into one, intuitive and powerful system in order to gain insight, streamline processes, and optimize revenue.Leverage data to inform decision m


Search.Account.1. Sign up to start a group cart 2. Share your cart invite link with friends to invite them to your cart. They can add items to your cart and tell us where to ship their items. 3. You check out for all your friends & have them pay you back.


Built by former campaign staff and compliance experts. Relied upon by Members of Congress, Senate, and candidates for President..Pre-filled text & email templates for easy 1-click follow up.Works with any donor CRM.Every donor interaction is logged throug


Start an entire development environment in the cloud with just one command..Code with your favorite IDE and see the results from anywhere..Share your spaces and explore a new way of collaborative development..Give your team self-service access to your inf


We source high-definition, high-frequency satellite images to estimate carbon storage in forests and predict future deforestation or potential for forest restoration..We harness aerial Lidar data to obtain detailed measurements of biomass and carbon captu


* YSplit is completely FREE to use. We make money by charging utility providers..YSplit integrates with thousands of providers. Simply enter your login details to start splitting a bill with your roommates..I use YSplit to pay for house subscriptions with


Abacus helps financial services companies reduce long back-and-forth onboarding sessions, eliminate inefficient data collection, and streamline compliance workflows..Eliminate error-prone documents and spreadsheets from your day-to-day business operations


Checkr provides modern and compliant background checks for global enterprises and startups..EXPLORE NOW.Mobile-Friendly.Create a positive applicant experience with simple, mobile-friendly onboarding..Easy to Understand.Color-coded reports and an intuitive


Grabb-It is a location based Dynamic Digital - OOH (DD-OOH) advertising platform. We give the advertisers the perfect opportunity to reach the consumers near the point of purchase..Grabb-It can strategically place your message in front of millions of shop


Inscribe’s API detects fraudulent documents so you can trust your customers and grow faster..Inscribe evaluates your documents for signs of fraud using forensic analysis, proprietary fraud databases, and document corroboration algorithms..Lenders use Insc

Modern Treasury

Modern Treasury makes payment operations simple, scalable, and secure..Effective payment operations require many moving pieces to come together just right: from high-volume payouts, payables, and remittances, to managing vendors, contractors, and customer

Rebellyous Foods

WHO WE ARE.WHAT WE DO.PRESS.JOIN US.CONTACT US.More.We are bringing to market a revolutionary new plant-based meat that is both environmentally and economically conscious..Seattle Food Tech is a food production and manufacturing technology company defined


Atrium is a full-service corporate law firm that uses modern technology to give startups a legal experience that is fast, transparent, and price-predictable..From equity issuance to employment matters, commercial contracts to fundraising, Atrium serves yo


Cut your legal document assembly time in half by auto-filling court forms and quickly turning frequently used Microsoft Word-based legal documents into easy to populate online templates..Save hours per client by using Lawyaw to turn your frequently used M

Modern Health

trending.The first mental well-being platform for companies that helps all employees be happy and healthy..As seen in:.As seen in:.Do we have to wait for it to get worse to take action?.Yet most won’t report their revenue.In California there are 20 therap


Our goal was to ensure that our technology is not only useful but accessible to everyone. In that spirit, we designed our application and screening system to work as seamlessly as possible with the existing application process landlords and tenants are fa

Traditional speech analytics software is built on text transcription and loses precious information from tonality and intonation. Observe.AI uses a unique SpeechNLP™ approach to perform a deep analysis of the combined audio and text stream to detect patte


Meet the #1 Platform for Feedbacks, Performance Reviews and OKRs for Growing Companies..The Qulture.Rocks Platform is composed of performance reviews, ongoing feedback, peer-to-peer recognition and goals/OKRs..Set, track, and empower aligned goal-setting


Mentorship.Hire.Contact.Blog.FAQ.Login.More.© 2019 SharpestMinds Inc...🏗️ with ❤️ in Toronto & San a mentor.Work with one of our vetted mentors to level up your career..Become a mentor.Invest in a future data scie


Monitoring and protection platform made to be incredibly powerful yet very easy to use..Your browser doesn't support HTML5 video..Unified security monitoring and protection for modern cloud environments. Easily enable protections tailored to your stack, g

Torch Leadership Labs

Scores leaders across our 3 key leadership dimensions (Character, Relationships and Influence), to identify hidden strengths and development opportunities..All our coaches are experienced and usually have a masters or PhD. Our algorithm ensures compatibil

Tradewind BioScience

A San Francisco biotechnology company developing antibody therapeutics for ovarian cancer..Cancer stem cells exist as a minor portion of the overall population of cells comprising a tumor. They maintain the ability to produce both distinct daughter cells


Learn about your microbiome.Enter your information below to sign up for our newsletter!.Your microbes help to keep you healthy. Some enable your gut to digest fiber and manufacture vitamins. Others are less helpful, and some are actually harmful..uBiome u


Zyper helps brands connect with their fans to drive engagement, insights and sales..Zyper is a unique software tool that can help brands get closer to the right customers and build community at scale..Henry Davis, Glossier.We use our proprietary software


Unlock higher accuracy with a custom speech recognition model that is fine-tuned to your use case. Deploy on your own servers in minutes, or use our secure cloud API..Get higher accuracy with a custom speech recognition model that is fine-tuned for your d

Share listing information, monitor buyer interest, and manage offers - in one place..Share listing information. Monitor buyer interest. Manage offers. In one place..Company.Privacy Policy.Terms of Service.Product.Watch a Demo.How it Works.Pricing.Content.


Leverage the pioneering data science that underpins Headstart to guarantee that you match the right applicants with the right skills for your business - quickly, easily, and without prejudice..Harness the powerful automation tools and predictive analytics

Helium Health

Streamline your clinical processes.Everything you need to manage and grow your practice.Claims, capitation and integrations for your accounts.Engage your patients and communicate seamlessly.Fully integrated solutions for every facility.Build the future of


Honeydue is the simplest way for couples to manage their finances..Argue less, and save more with your soulmate. Choose what you want to share..See what soulmates are saying about Honeydue."It's the best finance app out there, and we can use it together."


Save time with the #1 scheduling platform. Meetingbird's simple interface and powerful integrations make scheduling meetings easy..Join the thousands of teams and individuals that rely on Meetingbird.Clean and professional, Meetingbird's scheduling interf


Sorry, but the page you were looking for could not be found..You can return to our homepage or contact us at if you believe this is an error..We're helping computers understand language to build smarter AI. And we're putting that pow


Simply Smarter Solar.We re-envisioned how solar trackers harness the sun’s energy with simplicity as a driving force, making trackers easier to install and smarter to operate. Simplify your power plant, cut your costs, and drive up your ROI. That’s how yo


Apozy replaces a secure web gateway to nullify phishing, malware and impersonation attacks. Deploy the Apozy extension to every browser in one-click with no performance overhead..Apozy's NoHack browser extension makes predictions about website risks in re


Instantly connect with your team and view progress.A shared schedule for you and your field teams.Real time reporting and insights.“Fibo saves time. It saves errors. It empowers us to be able to control the calendar with a lot more efficiency and impact.”


Get clear skin with the world’s first fully customized acne treatment kit..Let’s face it, unique people need unique products. The MDacne app will analyze your skin and create a personalized skincare routine made just for you..As simple as that! Go to a we


Serve the world's best coffees & teas at the push of a button. Just scan, tear, pour & start. Pearl precision brews a perfect cup in 60-90 seconds..Pearl handles installation, upkeep, deliveries & automatic re-stocking of drinks we know you'll love. Upgra


Top quality inventory at liquidation prices..about 18 hours left.Current Bid.MSRP.Units.about 20 hours left.Current Bid.MSRP.Units.about 18 hours left.Current Bid.MSRP.Units.about 20 hours left.Current Bid.MSRP.Units.1 day left.Current Bid.MSRP.Units.1 da