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zPREDICTA: Data demonstrate high correlation of zPREDICTA’s platform with clinical outcomes.Superior compound attrition management enabling exclusion of ineffective agents boosting the probability of clinical success.High quality of data to facilitate informed target validation and pipeline prioritization.Compatible with multiple tissue/cell types, classes of therapeutic agents, and readouts.zPREDICTA offers access to its unique technology by providing services to researchers worldwide. Please contact us today to discuss how our platform can elevate your research to the next level..Efficacy screening of anticancer compounds.Evaluation of mechanisms of drug resistance.Rescue of failed drug candidates.Assessment of off-target toxicity.These are just a few applications of the capabilities of zPREDICTA’s platform to solve medicine’s most important challenges..Accurate reconstruction of the organ-specific 3D tissue microenvironment enabling evaluation of therapeutic agents under conditions mimicking human physiology.Long-term maintenance of primary human cells, organoids, and cell lines under the native conditions of human disease.Reliable prediction of clinical outcomes based on accurate reconstr...

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