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xbird: .Saving lives with technology.Science in the 20th century witnessed a plethora of discoveries and advances, many of those contributing to the cure of diseases..But the majority of the healthcare revolution is still ahead of us. We have not reached the limit of improving people’s health. Technological innovation of the 21st century offers vastly new possibilities for the treatment of many conditions..We believe in saving lives with technology, by designing new ways to help patients understand their condition, and offering new ways to improve therapy..Smart adherence for diabetes..Diabetes is a complicated condition. People living with this chronic disease have to make over one hundred, condition-specific decisions, every day. All of these decisions need to be carefully weighed up and can have a huge impact on people’s short-term well-being as well as their long-term health..The decisions range from counting carbs, titrating insulin, meal planning, life style, and day-to-day activities. It is an ongoing treatment that needs to be adjusted to each individual and for each situation..So why, if every person and their respective lifestyle is unique, is treatment so standardized? Addition...

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