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wicastr: Platform to simplify Edge Computing deployments.Deploy Edge Clouds to run applications locally and in real time instead of depending on the faraway Cloud.....Deploy secure, private and low latency intelligent networks to run applications a wireless hop away to smart devices, connected objects, and sensors..WICASTR brings computing capabilities near the data source creating ultra-reliable and low latency network infrastructure....WICASTR is a cloud native content distribution platform made to securely deploy applications and bring processing power along with storage locally - next to the data source..The platform consists of powerful Edge gateway with integrated processing, storage and wireless capabilities, combined to a cloud solution, made to securely distribute applications everywhere at the edge of the network..Create Edge Cloud and intelligent networks, made to run applications (A.I., ML., services, analytics, etc.) locally instead of depending on the centralised Cloud or data center..It is an open development approach, allowing third parties to build containers using any programing languages to easily integrate their solutions or create new ones and bring innovation at the ed...

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