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uBiome: Learn about your microbiome.Enter your information below to sign up for our newsletter!.Your microbes help to keep you healthy. Some enable your gut to digest fiber and manufacture vitamins. Others are less helpful, and some are actually harmful..uBiome uses machine learning, artificial intelligence, and advanced statistical techniques, as well as our patented precision sequencing™ process to analyze the microbes in your sample. Test once, or track your microbiome over time – the choice is yours..Discover your microbiome.Learn more about our Healthcare provider-ordered gut health test.Learn more about our healthcare provider-ordered women’s health test.Learn more about our SmartFlu test.Learn about our products!.Already have an Explorer kit? Create an account and register today!.Collect your sample in under two minutes at home, anytime. Your kit contains everything you need. Just swipe the swab across the appropriate site, then mail your sample back to our lab in the enclosed prepaid envelope..We use our patented precision sequencing™ methods and advanced computational techniques to analyze your bacteria..Once we’ve processed your sample, we’ll email you a link to our secure websit...

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uBiome founded in 2012. uBiome is located in san francisco, california, usa.