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treev: Machine learning tools for developers to build, improve, and deploy contextual chatbots and assistants. Powered by open source..Automate text-and voice-based conversations end-to-end, integrate with your APIs, and connect to any channel..Join our friendly, fast-growing developer community. We can learn a lot from each other..N26, the leading mobile bank in Europe uses their in-app AI assistant Neon to offer a faster service to their users. Learn more about how they use Rasa to automate their customer support delivering the best experience..We start creating a common language to talk about the structure of conversations with AI assistants..We are very excited to announce the Contribute to Rasa project - a public project on GitHub where we will share ideas for what contributions (code, content, local community chapters) you can make to Rasa..We're excited to announce Rasa X, our new product for developers in early access. Also, our open source framework Rasa is now available in 1.0.Join our Community Newsletter Stay up to date with the latest news from the Rasa community


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Frontend Engineer (m/f/x) @ treev

Senior Product Designer (m/f/x) @ treev

Head of Finance @ treev

Senior Software Engineer (m/f/x) @ treev

Account Executive @ treev

Sales Ops Analyst (m/f/x) @ treev

Customer Success Manager @ treev

Software Engineer (m/f/x) @ treev

NLP Researcher (m/f/x) @ treev

Solutions Engineer - NLP (m/f/x) @ treev

Head of Research (m/f/x) @ treev

Engineering Manager (m/f/x) @ treev

Solutions Engineer - NLP @ treev

NLP Research Intern (m/f/x) @ treev

Developer Advocate - Conversational AI (m/f/x) @ treev

Developer Advocate - Conversational AI @ treev