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satoshipay: Welcome to the SatoshiPay API! You can use this API to make digital goods like articles, images, videos and downloadable files available for purchase using the SatoshiPay widget. This documentation covers:.To understand how SatoshiPay works you need to know the following:.The following diagram illustrates how your website and SatoshiPay interact with each other:.The SatoshiPay backend manages a registry of your digital goods. This registry contains pricing and some meta information, but not the content itself. You can register and manage these goods using the Digital Goods API..The goods can be embedded on your web page using HTML Tags with special data attributes. The location of the HTML tag determines the position of the digital good on the page, or if the good hasn't been paid yet, the position of its placeholder..The special HTML tags are recognised by the SatoshiPay widget, which needs to be included on every page that contains digital goods for sale. When a user buys a digital good, the widget handles the payment process by communicating to the SatoshiPay backend using a WebSocket connection. After successful payment the widget receives a payment receipt, which in turn is us...

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