Perdoo. OKR software for leaders and teams.
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perdoo: OKR software that helps you measure, communicate and achieve remarkable results..No more surprises. A powerful goal-setting framework, based on OKR, enables leaders and teams to focus on work that delivers the biggest impact..No more confusion. A complete roadmap to success gives everyone a 360º overview of organizational priorities and progress..No more running in circles. Learning from past performance ensures your entire company always moves forward with confidence..Successfully bridge the gap between strategy & execution through clear, measurable OKRs. Perdoo helps you thrive in today's dynamic environment..Learn how you can achieve strategic alignment across your organization..Learn how to cut through chaos and focus on measurable results..Learn the difference between measuring what you do vs what you achieve..Learn how to prepare your organization for Perdoo and OKR..All Perdoo customers benefit from coaching, designed to help you get the most from your investment in OKR..Your dedicated Coach will work along your side to ensure a successful implementation of OKR. We'll train your entire organization so everyone knows what to expect..Creating good OKRs isn't always easy. Your ...

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