Merantix - The Leading AI Technology Holding in Europe
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merantix: Merantix is a pioneering platform for commercializing AI in industry. We conceptualize, build, and scale machine learning companies through our unique incubation environment which is built on trust in our brand, technological synergies across use cases and relentless product focus..Our ventures target domains that today depend heavily on human decision making to address complex problems. This includes a system to automate breast cancer screening, a testing platform for self-driving cars as well as an engine for automated trading..In close collaboration with leading European industry players, we are currently incubating three companies which will soon become independent businesses. However, we are growing beyond our current portfolio. Within our dedicated MX Labs unit we are constantly exploring AI use cases in new and adjacent industries together with our partners. We are growing fast and looking to expand our Berlin based team of outstanding software engineers, machine intelligence engineers, and entrepreneurs..Rasmus obtained a PhD in computer vision and deep leaning from ETH Zurich after attending Oxford and Princeton University (top 5%). He has published 15+ papers on (deep) ma...

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