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melodrive: From data to delivery.We’re a team of PhDs and researchers with extensive industry experience in AI, audio, music technology and video games..We love working on ground-breaking projects – like building Melodrive Indie, our AI engine that automatically generates music for video games in realtime. But our range of expertise means we can adapt to virtually any business..We only choose promising projects at innovative companies looking to revolutionise their industries..Building intelligent applications that generate music autonomously..Extracting information from music and audio sources..Developing deep learning models that learn and improve from a training data set..Analysing massive datasets to provide statistical insights that drive growth and value..Implementing agents that can perform complex behaviours in virtual environments..Creating adaptive soundtracks and audio effects for video games, VR and AR..We offer fine-tuned, end-to-end AI solutions, delivering scalable, production-grade applications..We offer tailored learning content to your executives and technical team. Our effective AI strategies will accelerate your business..We build end-to-end generative music soundtracks, h...

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