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imusify: A City of Zion award-winning music platform that integrates the best practices of crowdfunding, streaming, media sharing, and social networks; creating an ecosystem, in which the artist, fans, and other stakeholders can directly interact entirely peer-to-peer within a decentralized marketplace, governed by smart contracts.."Distributed ledger technology is cutting middlemen, and I see no more obvious application than music. But ideas don’t do the work. In imusify I see a serious team working hard, delivering on that simplification but also extending what artist to fan interaction fundamentally is."."imusify got top marks from me for being such a well executed dApp on all levels of the tech stack, from the Smart Contract to the user interface. It was also one of the first dApps to use neo-python as a blockchain middleware for communication between UI and a Smart Contract. I look forward to seeing the project continue to grow!"."imusify has the potential to disrupt the value chain of the music industry - I'm a fan of imusify."."Having presented alongside the imusify team in NEO Japan, I am confident the imusify team is amongst the most dedicated teams in both the blockchain and music...

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