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datawallet: Power your business with the highest quality, ethically sourced, cross-platform, deterministically matched data..More than ever, people are aware of how their data is being used, and rightfully want to take back control. In the EU, data protection is written into law..Datawallet gives people the power to personally control their data, by allowing them to choose who accesses it, and benefit directly when they share it..Legacy data brokers only have access to narrow slices of siloed consumer data, and use probabilistic models to match an individual’s data across platforms. This means that currently available data is both incomplete and often inaccurate..Our data is the most robust and accurate currently available. Cross-platform, deterministically matched, and ethically sourced directly from the individual..With Datawallet, you can gain deeper insights than ever before..Data from legacy data brokers is often gathered without people truly understanding the details of what is taken, or what it will be used for..With Datawallet, the gathering and use of this data is totally transparent. Using Datawallet boosts your brand’s recognition for respect for privacy, and helps restore the owner...

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