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crosslend: You may change your password here.Your new password is now set. Please proceed to login..Institutional investor.Log in to the platform.Email or password is invalid.According to a report published by PwC in June 2018, of the more than 1,200 securitisation vehicles in Luxembourg, only 33 are regulated.**.CrossLend notes and securitisation – the flexible, cost-efficient solution for qualified investors in search of attractive investment opportunities and originators looking to scale their lending business..former CEO, CME Europe.“This technology opens new frontiers to overcome the obstacle for borrowers of a fragmented European capital market.”.COO, BGL BNP Paribas.“What CrossLend intends to do is really to put on the table the topic of creating a European Capital Market […] I strongly support their project.”.CEO, Banco BNI Europa.“Using the CrossLend platform as a means to easily diversify our European portfolio in a standardised way has advantages for us over direct loan investments.”

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