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Lofelt - The New Wave in Natural Haptics
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basslet by Rescued Ideas: Lofelt is pioneering the new wave in natural haptics with advanced haptic technology – for the most remarkable immersive experiences on the market..Transforms audio into high-resolution haptic signals in real time with dynamic signal processing – for fully immersive music, movies and games..Features wideband response, fast reaction time and silent operation with best-in-class vibrotactile actuators – for natural, realistic haptic effects..We offer a new approach to haptic design: superior hardware driven by intelligent software – combined with end-to-end service..Your products will feature dynamic and natural haptics, while your customers will enjoy remarkable tactile feedback. And, your developers gain the right tools and expertise to make cutting-edge tactile experiences..Read more about our full-stack solutions.Experience next-generation immersive gaming on the Razer Nari Ultimate headset with Razer HyperSense featuring Lofelt Wave technology..The Nari Ultimate is the world’s first intelligent haptics-enabled gaming headset, supporting stereo haptics for enhanced spatial awareness..More info.Lofelt Wave technology elevates haptics to match the high-quality audio and video users ...

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