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ascribe: In 2013, we saw an “elephant in the room problem” in the digital art world: collectors did not understand how to value something “ephemeral” like a digital file, and it was hard for artists working with digital tools monetize their work. Digital files have different properties than physical paintings: they can be copied easily with no loss of quality, and spread on the internet in seconds. We had been asking the question: how do you collect digitally based artworks? Then we realized: what if you could own digital art the way you own Bitcoin?.This was the starting point for ascribe, before blockchain (or even Bitcoin) went mainstream. The idea behind it was to give everyone more control over their work: for the first time in history, creators could break the lock on content, distribution and licensing of the entrenched players..While it was clear from the beginning that the concept of ascribe could be applied to music, 3D design, personal data and intellectual property (IP) in general, we focused on digital art because the issue was well-scoped and because we had art expertise in our team..With a beta throughout 2014, the project officially launched in January 2015 and reflected our...

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