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adjust by adeven: Reach your future users anywhere. Adjust's dynamic integration with over 2,000 ad networks means you can get granular insights four levels deep with campaigns across web, mobile and even TV. Our Fraud Prevention Suite guarantees you only ever pay for genuine engagements, keeping your budget safe and your data accurate..The Fraud Prevention Suite actively protects every install from the most malicious types of fraudulent activity. We automatically filter out click spamming, SDK spoofing, hyper engagement, suspicious IPs and click injection, so you don’t have to. Stop paying for fake installs and find out what’s really going on in your app..Unbotify is the first bot detection solution that combines behavioral characteristics and machine learning to highlight malicious in-app bots in real-time. We build a tailored filter for your app that’s bolstered by biometric and user data, separating real users from advanced and sophisticated bots that can ruin your app’s experience..Enrich your campaign data with a fully customized in-app event scheme tailored to your conversion funnel. Tie unlimited raw campaign and event data together with your app's metadata to understand user trends and get ...

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