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Automated payroll for Indian startups.
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Zip Phone: Your first month with Opfin is free. After that, we charge ₹100 per employee per month. No base fee, and no fine print..Experience payroll that runs itself automagically. Just set up your account, and we’ll take care of the rest, without you lifting a finger.Opfin’s interface is designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use, doing away with unnecessary jargon and redundant steps..No charge for setup or registration, and your first month of running payroll with Opfin is free..Never think about your TDS, PF, ESI, LWF, and Professional Taxes ever again. We’ll take care of it all, on time and with perfect accuracy..Running a business in India is hard. Our ever-changing regulations, unending bureaucracy, and obscure tax laws mean that even small firms need full-time accountants just to keep up with it all. Even a task as simple as payroll becomes a dreadful endeavour just because both businesses and employees don’t have access to tools that can help streamline the process..That’s where we come in. Opfin is built by a team of accountants, developers, and designers, familiar with the pain of running small businesses in India. We’ve built Opfin for us, and for you, to be the best payroll experi...

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