Yosko is a comprehensive mobile hospital solution that provides efficient patient care coordination.
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Yosko: YOSKO, INC..Copyright © 2016 YOSKO.Yosko is deeply integrated with the EHR and provides a seamless and real-time flow of patient data among the EHR and mobile devices..Designed by practicing physicians with deep insight in the hospital workflow, Yosko allows for smooth and safe patient care coordination on a single platform..Doctors and nurses are always on-the-go and patient care happens at the bedside. With Yosko, every aspect of patient care is possible at the point-of-care..Patient care is safely transitioned among a team of providers. Yosko eliminates a costly patient safety problem for hospitals nation-wide..Flexible options for easy on-the-go documentation: pre-populated note templates, voice-to-text data entry and Touch ID instantenous signing..Yosko allows for visual consultation through HIPAA compliant photo capturing. Even better, with just a few taps any photo can be inserted into and become a part of the patient's daily progress note..Access the clinical data you need at the point of care..145 S. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA.Copyright © 2017. All Rights Reserved

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