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Wright Electric: Wright Electric’s goal is for every short flight to be zero-emissions within 20 years. Our first plane is an airliner designed for flights like New York-Boston, London-Paris, and Seoul-Jeju. Subscribe to stay up to date on our progress..Reduce flying’s carbon footprint.Easier air travel.Faster door to door.Distributed electric propulsion system.Swappable battery packs with advanced cell chemistry.High aspect ratio wings for energy efficient flight.Lower community noise.May 31, 2019.Dear all, Welcome to the Wright Weport for June 2019. Wind Tunnel Testing Earlier this month Wright conducted our first wind tunnel tests ….Read MoreWright Weport June 2019.April 30, 2019.Dear all, Welcome to the Wright Weport for May 2019. We wanted to use this newsletter to highlight two student efforts to ….Read MoreWright Weport May 2019.March 28, 2019.Dear all, Welcome to the Wright Weport for April 2019. Successful Engine TestWright has been working for the past year on a hybrid-electric ….Read MoreWright Weport April 2019

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