WorldCover - Crop Insurance in Africa
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WorldCover: Our local team understands customers’ needs and provides a crop insurance product that is simple, affordable, and effective in reducing risk from droughts and other problems..We use satellites to monitor the rainfall and trigger payouts automatically..New technologies enable us to distribute our product efficiently and maximize our customers' benefits from being a WorldCover farmer..Crop insurance enables farmers to:.We work with partners to make our crop insurance products happen in each market:.If you would like to explore insurance for your organization or for the smallholder farmers you work with, please let us know by clicking below!.We would love to work with you if you are a:.As a safe, secure, English-speaking country with a peaceful democracy, Ghana is one of the best places to do business in Africa. Its GDP of close to $50 billion gets a significant contribution from agriculture, while more than half its population of 25 million people are involved in farming..WorldCover has invested over $1 million on research in Ghana, developing products for several cereal crops. We are enabling insurance in thousands of communities..Our goal is to help smallholder farmers and small bu...

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