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WizDish: ROVR Specification.The ROVR2 VR treadmill is the "mouse" for VR worlds.ROVR2 - stainless steel frame and high sided platform - clever engineering and neuroscience.Our prototype ROVR version 2 has arrived and we've kept the same core features:.Hop on - hop off.Collapsible for easy shipping and storage.Lightweight.Affordable.Easy and intuitive to use for people of 7 yrs to 80+ yrs of age.Visually appealing - something fitting for office, boardroom, VR arcade, gym, training area, or the home..Looking to integrate ROVRs into your games go to our Unity3d project, bottom of our downloads page.If your PC/laptop had no mouse / trackpad it'd be a pain wouldn't it?.Navigating VR worlds has a similar problem and it hampers story-lines and software tricks break presence – the end result is poor VR with little clamour for sequels and headsets sit on shelves..VR should be more like Holodeck than the Matrix and the ROVR allows this, solving the visual / vestibular cause of sim-sickness and removes software constraints on accelerations, proximity and space..ROVR2 VR treadmill available to order from our website shop, comprising:.ROVR Platform – Stainless steel VR containment frame – ROVR Shoes.Hea...

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