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Wisor: Wisor uses non-traditional methods and tools, utilizes third party data and mortgage intelligence and offer a different mortgage experience.Wisor's proprietary technology analyzes needs and capabilities, complex simulations and comparing multiple products to create the best offer.Wisor uses predictive analytics and machine learning to create an AI loan officer and set data driven mortgage experience.Wisor offers a full suite of solutions to mortgage lenders and brokers as a white-label platform.Wisor's algorithms find the optimal loan for every borrower and each mortgage to allow full impact of your business.Tailor made loans to borrowers, lower risk of default and better conversion rates.Our solutions help quicken the process of choosing the right loan for each borrower, and reduce acquisition and operational costs.A seamless solution for pre-application leads to make the right financial decisions and find the right mortgage.Strengthen brand awareness and loyalty, increase referral rates and expand your network.Wisor help mortgage professional to understand their customer needs and tailor that need with a personalized offer and best communication tools.Seasoned entrepreneur, +15 y...

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