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WeSolv: WeSolv connects diverse Candidates with real experience and Companies with performance data to make the best hires.WeSolv gives candidates access to hard to find work experience and the opportunity to prove ability.Our research-backed technology scopes projects to measure skills and competencies that predict role success.Skills data and transparency match companies to the best talent and reduce hiring bias.WeSolv posts real projects based on companies’ desired roles or skill sets.Candidates nationwide find Case Challenges and form teams to execute.Virtual touchpoints and WeSolv algorithms assess candidate deliverables.Companies interview and hire the best candidates with proven skills.Gain real-world experience.Build your skills.Showcase your talent to more companies.Land your dream job.Increase pipeline diversity.Select proven candidates.Reduce cost to hire.Gain innovative ideas and test solutions.MBA Candidate.University of Maryland University College.“I started the Challenge wondering where to begin and I walked away feeling like a mini-expert. My greatest joy is the thought that my strategic recommendations will add value to a growing company.”.Full-time:.MBA Candidate.NYU Ster...

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