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WATERFX: Welcome to the HydroRevolution, a paradigm shift in water. Share your contact information with us to stay up to date on our progress, products and announcements..At WATERFX we are reimagining water. Current water systems were designed for a global population of three billion and by the end of this century we will need water for over twelve billion people. Our mission is to use technology to develop a new source of water and make fresh water affordable, accessible and abundant for every human on the planet. We do this using solar desalination to generate fresh water from an infinite source of salt water and through a peer-to-peer connected water network to deliver a better, more reliable, ever sustainable water service to individuals, businesses and cities...Water is abundant, yet not always accessible in the places we need it most. When we deplete the local water supply, we turn to water diversion to bring additional water using pipelines, canals and aqueducts. This distribution infrastructure is expensive and adds substantially to the cost of water. It also detracts from the environment, which is already suffering from excessive water diversions. WATERFX makes effective use of the...

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