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VoiceOps: Raise your team’s performance in weeks with world-class coaching.Whether you’re making 1,000 calls a week, or 100,000, get a full view into where reps are thriving and where they need work.Measure what matters most to your business.In a 30-minute calibration call with VoiceOps, define the behaviors reps should do on calls.Dashboard shows how often your reps follow your sales process.Weekly trends show you see if coaching is moving the needle."The platform keeps us focused on the [behaviors] we know will impact our core metrics. The increased focus on specific behaviors has allowed reps to drastically increase their quality scores, some by as much as 60+%".Chris Curtis.Training Supervisor @ Sunrun.Drill down to specific coaching opportunities.Skim through a call transcript for a quick pulse on the conversation.Jump right to the coaching opportunities.Listen to key moments when you need to hear tone."The transcript quality with VoiceOps is better than any company that I've ever seen and worked with. Coming from the telco space and voice over IP, I've seen a lot of [...] companies that do transcribing for call-coaching and things like that. There's a lot of care that goes into making ...

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