Virtkick makes cloud easy for your clients with the lightweight and user-friendly approach. Whether you're a small data center, a game hosting company or a huge enterprise, Virtkick is easy to plug-in and make the most of your hardware without extra costs.

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Virtkick: You just take care of your clients and hardware. We deploy and maintain Virtkick for you..We employ KVM virtualization for the best performance..Make your panel yours - change colors and logos to match your business..Make your clients happy. Notification emails included..Attract customers with your custom OS distribution selection..We take care of payment process for you, including the gateway fees..Sign up, connect your hypervisors and let your customers access Virtkick at own the relationship with your customers and focus on your business. Forget about software upgrades, we've got this..The money made through the panel goes directly to you. We only charge you for your Virtkick subscription. Simple as that..Prices starting at.Get Promotions with the Virtkick Newsletter.Let's talk.A Techstars-backed company

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