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Vinsight: 2019 Grape and Almond forecasts for California state, county and field levels are being pushed to customers now. State numbers will be released in August for both grapes and almonds. Contact us for real time forecasts!.We’ve spent the last few months working hard to improve on the visuals, user experience and modeling. New tools are also on the way. A new yield ranking system and irrigation calculator are coming soon!.We provide actionable information via yield forecast months before harvest with single digit error rates. We go beyond pretty images and NDVI..We are dedicated entrepreneurs, engineers, data scientists and agronomists bringing technology to agriculture to pragmatically change the world..From the grape and almond industry in California, we are expanding to walnuts, pistachios, strawberries, hops and the rest of the world. Providing actionable insights into crop production will ensure global food security for future generations..© Copyright – Vinsight 2019

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