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Vayable: Handpicked independent guides in just ten cities. Art, Food, Music, Sports. Step away from your day to day..You’re different when you travel. You know it and we know it. You do stuff you don’t find time for back home, like browsing arty photos in a gallery or flipping through racks of vintage dresses or slipping a lock into place on a bridge or ordering wine with lunch or having sex in the middle of the afternoon or wandering a cemetery or taking a cooking lesson. Read more.You chat with your taxi or Uber or Lyft drivers if they speak English, and you laugh with waiters as they take your order and you listen to the audio guide voice in the museum or the tour guide who walks you through town. You’d like to have friends to call up, or friends of friends. You’d like to make friends, just for the afternoon. You watch the old men at their game of bocce or hear the fans in the pub cheering their team or push through the crowd exiting a bookstore reading and you feel outside it. And though you’re different when you travel, you’re still you. And you know you don’t belong in this new place. And you aren’t about to risk rejection. Why do you travel at all? Like this, to these cities? Sure it...

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