VOIQ | Conversational AI VoiceBots for Sales, Marketing & Service Calls
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VOIQ: Your AI Conversational Voice Agent.Watch Video.Our VoiceBots sound like humans, and can deliver custom messages to your contacts, schedule meetings with leads or customers, and qualify leads over the phone..Our VoiceBots can call a lead as soon as they open an email or click a link - no one falls through the cracks..Our VoiceBots can ask and answer questions from your leads. They can bypass IVR systems, and do voicemail drops..Personalize your VoiceBots with the voice you want and the language you want. Make your own voice avatar with Clone-Your-Voice technology..In the Contact Profile on the left-hand side, select Create VoiceBot in the VOIQ AI VoiceBots box..Choose the type of VoiceBot messaging you want: remind them of an upcoming demo, schedule or reschedule a meeting, call a lead who visited your site, etc..Create a personalized message your VoiceBot will deliver by phone to this contact. You can also customize the voice type, pitch, and speed..Decide who your VoiceBot will call: leads who fill out a form on your website, leads with an upcoming demo, etc..Select a VOIQ VoiceBot as a trigger within your new workflow, depending on the type of outreach you want (reminder, event, ...

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