Usetrace Ltd

Web app testing system that doesn’t require coding or constant updating. Makes continuous deployment possible.
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Usetrace Ltd: A testing system that doesn’t require coding or constant updating.Sign up and start testing now.Usetrace is an artificial software tester who tirelessly tests that your web app user interface works as expected..In Usetrace you automate cloud computers to test your site. How to create accounts, order products and post comments. Cloud computers then automatically repeat these traces, testing your site the way your customers would use it—with real major browsers..Traces run periodically on your site, and every time you update the code. Real continuous deployment becomes possible..From the dashboard your team always knows the state of the site. Dive into each trace and see how your site is working in different browsers..If your team is familiar with Selenium or other scripted methods, Usetrace can do the scripting work for you, and you can instead focus on more creative tasks..Start testing now.Creating traces is as easy as using your site. Click links, scroll content, input data to forms... Usetrace cloud computers will learn and follow. When you're done, they can test your site like real customers would use it. Completing the tasks your site is designed for with major browsers like I...

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Usetrace Ltd founded in 2012.