Recognize people by the way they type. AI-based solution for risk-based authentication and fraud prevention. Use cases: Education, financial services and MFA.
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TypingDNA: Typing biometrics authentication..Unified MFA solution with typing biometrics, SMS and email..2FA codes secured with your typing..Type-to-output tool..See demo implementations..Industry.Solutions.Frictionless authentication based on how you type.Recognize people by the way they type.Trusted by.Try the quick demos yourself. Start with the one you like..TypingDNA records keystroke dynamics statistics about keys a user presses and turns them into typing patterns..Our API engine analyzes and verifies the recorded typing patterns against previous patterns from the real user..''TypingDNA allows users to verify their identity without having to whip out their phone.''.''One of the most interesting ideas in biometrics I’ve heard of in a while.''.Solve regulations like PSD2 or New York DFS and prevent fraudulent behavior. One solution to solve them both..Existing typing behavior delivers high security and great user-experience at an unprecedented value..Imagine not having to worry if the actual learner is getting the certificate. Verify their identity in a non-invasive way..U.K. DVSA brings their driving test into the future with Capgemini and TypingDNA..Improv traffic school meets DMV requi...

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