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Tule Technologies: Actual ET: Powering Simple, Actionable and More Accurate Irrigation Decisions.Tule provides site-specific irrigation recommendations based on your production goals, so you can efficiently make more accurate irrigation decisions about when and how much to irrigate..Remotely monitoring crop water status daily allows you to anticipate production threats throughout the plant lifecycle before they affect your yield and quality..Field-scale measurements and status alerts allow you to efficiently manage more acres and direct your attention and resources to where they’re needed most.."Tule Technologies’ use of surface renewal is an exciting new application of a proven science. When applied to vineyards, it will tell you both the status of the vineyard and how much irrigation is required to meet your objectives. Also by monitoring vineyards 24/7, growers are able to trend conditions and forecast atmospheric demands...".Read More... or View PDF."Through its wire sensors, Tule quantifies how much water the plants actually use day to day by measuring the water they release as vapor. It has allowed Terlato to irrigate its vines with the amount they need when they need it, yielding higher-qualit...

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