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Tizeti: In Africa, despite its slow start and almost nonexistent infrastructure Tizeti is building Wi-Fi solar base stations to provide affordable Unlimited internet service across Africa..Tizeti is leveraging the plummeting cost of Solar Panels and its low operating expense to power its base station and pass the savings to its customers to provide internet that transforms every aspect of their daily lives as well as drive innovation in the region..Network with businesses and global partners across in real time. Enjoy our services at various locations throughout Africa..The possibilities are endless with the right technology. Invest in the next generation, Invest in tomorrow..Nothing should stop you from spending time with your family. With Tizeti, stay connected anywhere, anytime..Global internet has seen steady growth at exponential rates, bringing a new way of transacting, communicating, learning, socialising and transforming every aspect of our daily lives. But the benefits are not evenly distributed..Tizeti is leveraging the large wireless capacity available with Wi-fi and plummeting cost of solar panels to create a low CAPEX/OPEX network of owned & operated towers to offer disruptive...

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