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Time Machine Ventures: Our recently updated Quick Reply interface organizes multilingual quick replies by subject, helping agents easily add the best response in the customer’s language..Easily drag-and-drop attractive multi-language cards into chats that link to your FAQ content, products, and services..Reply with text, audio, images, and cards no matter what channel your user is on. Connect multiple WeChat accounts, Facebook pages, and websites..Distribute incoming conversations to different departments based on the customer’s need. Agents can easily add another agent to the chat or transfer a conversation..Grata’s WeChat Menu editor can do things you can’t do on the standard WeChat backend, such as trigger chats, set routing, and display content in the user’s preferred language..Measure customer satisfaction and collect valuable feedback on your team’s performance with our feedback form designed for high response-rates..Share maps and directions from Dianping or Foursquare. View customer profiles securely with an iFrame to your own CRM system. Search and share directly from your own product catalog..Monitor your team’s performance in real-time on the dashboard. Download and subscribe to daily, weekly,...

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