Theorem LP

Machine learning and Data science to identify top loans
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Theorem LP: Machine Learning & Big Data aimed at identifying top loans originated by Online Lenders.Combine data science and statistical discoveries with credit analysis and human insights to improve the quality of credit pricing decisions.Theorem targets strong, short-duration yields across the business cycle for investors.Marketplace Lenders such as Lending Club and Prosper originate loans online, for purposes ranging from credit card refinancing to business loans, and sell them to investors..The Marketplace Lending space is expected to grow to $100 Billion in annual origination by 2020..Traditional lenders are weighted down by obsolete technology and high regulatory costs. Marketplace lenders directly connect borrowers with investors, cutting out expensive middlemen. This enables borrowers to get loans faster, at lower interest rates, while still providing great yields for investors..We harness billions of data points to build proprietary models for borrowers, loan originating platforms and products, and to map economic cycle conditions in ways not previously possible..Theorem’s loan scoring technology analyzes 1,000+ data points to determine default probability and IRR for every loan.Indus...

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