Thematic is a customer feedback analysis solution. We turn free-text comments into interactive reports. Learn what impacts NPS of your customers!
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Thematic: Thematic works with companies of 100 people or more. And our AI works equally well whether you have 500 customer feedback pieces or 100,000, making it adaptable to your needs. We’re trusted by companies in Financial, Retail, Transport, Travel, Software, and other industries..STEP 1. Thematic ingests customer feedback from survey tools, contact centers, support platforms, and public reviews. We also source your operational and financial metrics and build a 360° view of your customers..STEP 2. Thematic's AI surfaces emergent, specific themes that are relevant to your business. Our tools and dashboards make it easy to find actionable insights..STEP 3. Thematic spreads these insights across departments through email digests, alerts and reports. This results in the right strategic decisions and actions that increase your metrics..Thematic enables us to deliver more powerful insights than ever and make more data-driven decisions.This is the tool of the future. It reduces my analytics time tenfold..The results are the best I have seen from any software solution I have tested, by a clear margin..I haven’t seen other solutions providing these links and associations in the data..I was blown ...

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