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The Human Utility: Since July 2014, people like you have helped nearly 1,000 families in Detroit, Baltimore, and surrounding areas with their water bills..I want to help with a water bill I need help with my water bill.Water is a human right. Yet in places such as Detroit, Baltimore, and other cities in the United States, families unable to afford their water bills have their water service disconnected. When this happens, kids can't bathe, people can't wash dishes, and grandparents can't flush their toilets. The Human Utility provides assistance to families and makes sure they always have running water at home..This is the question we're asked the most. Start here to learn why..A mother in Detroit with two hemophiliac boys works to make sure their home remains a clean, safe environment, but water bills make that difficult..Patricia G., a 57-year-old Detroit resident, was overcome with emotion. She’d just gotten the phone call letting her know The Human Utility paid $750 toward her water bill. Patricia was getting her water turned back on..Your donation will go directly to help seniors and families living without water or in danger of shut-off. Donate any amount, starting at $5..If you are a lawyer, p...

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