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Teamgage: Reduce Risk | Transform & Change | Engage Teams.The modern alternative to culture & engagement surveys..Let's explore how different an organisation can look with and without Teamgage:.Culture is a fluffy HR thing.It's a task list item for someone in HR with little to no buy-in from senior leadership..Improvement starts with me.A culture of continuous improvement, driven by everyone, focused on iterative improvements everyday..Unmanaged risk.Unseen, unmanaged risks that could lead to a very public "uh oh" moment..Early risk mitigation.Teams with a culture of addressing issues early and often to remove threats that could lead to catastrophe..No data, or all the data.Either not enough data to make a decision, or too much data without any clarity on how to use it..Insights with a bias for action.Insights that engage teams to create actions, innovate and remove blockages to performance..Change is hard.Change is forced from the top down and then diluted along the way..Change is opportunity.Change is driven from the bottom up, guided by the organisation's strategy..Transformation is scary.It's a long, risky and expensive process that is filled with blind spots..Transformation is who we ar...

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