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Tasso: Ensure that people can successfully complete clinical study protocols by making it easy to participate..Conveniently and frequently monitor drug safety to keep people on the right dosage with minimal side effects..Making it easier to have patients get their blood samples back to the lab..The Tasso device has been developed with users in mind. The team works closely with a wide breadth of stakeholders on a regular basis to deliver a great user experience..Simple, intuitive and virtually painless self-collection of blood samples.Allows anyone, anywhere to collect clinical-grade samples without a phlebotomist.High quality blood seamlessly delivered from the patient to the lab’s standard analyzers.Tasso’s interchangeable cartridges ensure that the right blood preparation starts as soon as the sample is taken. And with multiple packaging and logistics options, there's a Tasso configuration that will fit into your workflow..With blood diagnostics that fit seamlessly into their lives, people are free to focus on the things that matter most..Drive to cllnic.Wait.Traumatic blood draw.Receive kit.Collect sample at home.Send to lab and receive results.Using IRB-vetted protocols, we work with ...

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