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Tamatem: Optimizing your game to become culturally relevant which will help unlock the highest ARPPU in the Arabic speaking market..We can improve your game’s monetization by up to 2x through advising on in-app package pricing and ad network usage..The secret ingredient to a successful game is marketing and with our strategy your game can achieve millions of downloads..To keep up with your game’s stats and number we provide constant advice and reports about user experience and feedback..PUBLISH YOUR GAME IN THE MENA MARKET.Tamatem’s reach and localization process guarantees success for your game in the Arabic speaking market..Our team has extensive experience in localizing and launching games catered for the Arab gamer..We understand what mobile gamers want and we’ve constantly delivered on what they expect.."We are proud to have chosen Tamatem to publish our titles in the MENA, they've done considerable work for this first game and we now realize the huge potential there in that region."."Localizing the game Kiwi’s Wonderland to Arabic was not on our radar, we believe the Arabic market has a huge potential and Tamatem helped us crack it."."The MENA region was something we had not thought o...

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