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Synthetic Minds: Formal verifier audits your contract.Automatically generate "user contracts".Simulates your contract's behavior.Smart contract languages are universal. It is more likely that your contract will double spend or violate business logic due to bugs in code, rather than attacks on the consensus..We have built a source-level formal verifier for Ethereum's Solidity. It is built on prior work by the team that has over 800+ citations..The current synthesizer includes a Solidity front- and back-end. Other blockchains, and their respective smart contract languages will be simple to add, and are on the roadmap..The program synthesizer is a symbolic proof-based system that writes Solidity. It leverages work described in 11 peer-reviewed papers and patents, and a PhD..Close to $0.5B have been lost due to unclear semantics of Solidity. Aside from experts most programmers will miss a few quirks. Formal methods help..We compile Solidity into a non-EVM blockchain intermediate representation (BIR) that is perfect for formal analysis. Automated proofs of correctness and synthesis follow..Our formal verifier for Solidity will prove the correctness of your smart contracts. It automatically validates you...

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