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Synervoz: WE DESIGN, DEVELOP, & CO-CREATE CUSTOM SOFTWARE.We are experts in audio, voice,.and new media experiences..SPECIALTY AREAS.Real time voice and audio software..VoIP.Social, Messaging.If your app is social and needs things like: voice/video chat, text & voice messages, video messaging, or integrations like Slack, Facebook, etc., we can help..Music & Media.Audio, Music, Media.We are real time audio experts including in-house frameworks for audio feature extraction and machine learning models. Streaming music and video are in our wheelhouse, including integrations like Spotify, YouTube, and live broadcast streams..We have worked with many voice-based technologies including custom wake-words, speech to text. and have built tools with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Watson, and Soundhound to name a few..We have built custom VoIP technology including client-server and webRTC based architecture. Real time, push-to-talk, intercom, duplex, and more..SWITCHBOARD.For a sample of our work, check out Switchboard. This project involved creating a new communication paradigm that facilitates hands-free spontaneous voice chat. A powerful real time audio engine mixes and balances audio from multiple s...

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