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Superb AI: Image & Video Labeling.Text Labeling.Data Collection.Super fast and accurate, built with AI-assistance. Forget crowdsourced click farms. Experience the right way to build training data..Designed and developed by AI experts like you..We have a database of over 100 million royalty-free images as well as trained professionals to collect new data for you..We support both industry-standard and customized label types, all delivered in the file format of your choice..Patented AI technology, specifically designed for making better training data..Up to 10x faster and 3x fewer errors.than manual labor without AI.Superior quality assurance.Our labels are inspected by both AI and in-house professionals to guarantee bullet-proof quality, superior to crowdsourced manual labor..Gets better as you go.Compared to static, one-size-fits-all manual labeling services, our AI adapts to your specific labeling task and provides faster and cheaper training data over time..Guaranteed data security.Crowdsourcing can lead to compromised data security and privacy. We make sure your data never gets out to the public and only authorized personnel access your data..1. Decide your task specs.Tell us about your tra...

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