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StyleSage: Speed-to-market is key to survival in today’s changing retail landscape..Whether you work in the fashion, home, or beauty business, our AI-powered machine enables faster synthesization of internal and external data points..Flexibility is the cornerstone of our solution. We help you react with speed and data-driven accuracy..Automatically tag and extract the rich design details to get products on your site and in front of consumers faster..Build winning product ranges with customized views, drilling down from the category to the design attribute-level..Benchmark against the competition so that your market positioning is optimized and your margins maximized..Identify both exact and similar products to make sure you never miss a customer conversion opportunity..Design effective email and on-site promotional strategies with aggregated and historical views of competitor’s activities..Quantify trends with our dashboard combining search data history, geo-targeted influencer activity, and social media image recognition..Our interactive dashboard gives you real-time insight into shifts and opportunities in your competitive space. (Yes, this is live data from our platform!).We’ve got your ca...

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