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Station: Station is the first smart browser for busy people. A single place for all of your web applications..600 + apps available.Station is trusted by 30,000+ users in over 900 teams worldwide.Stay organized with the smart dock..Station automatically groups your pages by application. Your workspace is cleaner than ever, finding what you need is easy..Multitask like a beast with the quick switch..An easy central way to search across your apps and pages. Any document, to-do list, spreadsheet or conversation is just a click away!.Get stuff done with the focus mode..Decide when and which applications should send you notifications. Get your best work done away from distractions..We intelligently sleep applications so that slow-downs remain a thing of the past..Log into multiple accounts at the same time, without any hassle..1Password, Mixmax, Gmelius, Clearbit and Mailtracker are already supported. Dozens incoming..Just started using @stationhq and it's so freaking amazing!! BYE CHROME.I must admit, since trying @stationhq I won’t be going back to having multiple tabs in a browser. This app across both PC & Mac makes life so much easier while multitasking. Check it out.I discovered @stationhq ...

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