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Stateless: With the rise of multi-site and hybrid cloud deployments, colocation providers have the opportunity to monetize their network like never before..Stateless Luxon makes this possible through a consolidated, simple to use platform..Software-Defined Interconnect (SD-IX) gives colocation providers the power to deliver, control and monetize interconnect points through software..With SD-IX, providers can deploy Layer 3+ network services like routing, security and automation to seamlessly connect tenants to every workload, no matter the endpoint..With SD-IX providers can extend connectivity business beyond the four walls of a single physical data center..Stateless Luxon is a platform built for software-defined interconnect (SD-IX)..Luxon gives colocation and data center providers the power to build new networking products by simply deploying Layer 3+ network routing, security and automation services in multitenant, high throughput environments..Built on a revolutionary architecture the platform delivers what Layer 1 and Layer 2 network services cannot by providing users with unmatched automation, visibility and customization.."By decoupling network state and putting it in a scale-out data ...

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