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Machine learning meets retail. Shop without waiting in line.
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Standard Cognition: Standard Cognition acquires robotic mapping startup! Learn more.Through deploying modern deep learning techniques, we can improve everyone’s retail shopping experience. By getting rid of slow, cumbersome checkout lines, we can make shopping a seamless, magical and much more human interaction..Why Standard Checkout?.We don’t use any facial recognition or other biometrics. All of our deployments are on-premise to ensure maximum performance and security for you and your customers..We only use overhead cameras which means simple and quick installs with no disruption to your customers and your business..We believe good retail is predicated on happy customers. Customers want to find the right products, helpful salespeople, and, most importantly, avoid long checkout lines..We support your dynamic and complicated retail environments. Our installation requires no shelf sensors, RFID or packaging changes, just easy-to-install ceiling mounted cameras. Want to set up a sale table? Want to install a new end-cap? No problem. We accept all forms of payment: cash, credit, and other services..Analytics is in our DNA. We work with retailers and brands alike to understand product performa...

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