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Stan Group: We use the latest advances in Bayesian computing, Probabilistic Programming, and Decision Theory to bridge the gap between data, models, and decision makers. Our models make predictions and support decisions for individuals, subgroups, trials, and disease populations..Usability.Our platform makes models usable by non-statisticians -- models become useful when they are used by people who have to make decisions..Algorithms.Recent advances in computational statistics allow us to tackle models previously thought too difficult due to non-linearities and the number of unknowns..Predictive Accuracy.In-sample predictions are easy. Our models make well calibrated predictions out of sample: for a new patient, a new study arm, and even a new trial..Interpretability.Our models are generative, transparent, explainable, and testable. In contrast to black box methods, we know what these models are doing..Small Data.Our models work well in the small data regime, such as in platform trials in Oncology and Rare Diseases, where we need to take advantage of information external to the clinical trial..Using Ordinary Differential Equation (ODE) solvers we encode how the drug diffuses through different p...

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